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Meet with Syl, certified sexuality educator and experienced intimacy advisor. If you're looking for recommendations on toys or seeking general sex life advice book a free 20 minute consult! You can also always message on IG @hey_syl

For partnerships or individuals wanting to explore topics of intimacy, sexual health and pleasure, relationships, changes in libido... and more, I offer longer sessions and bundle options. Whether you're navigating your sexuality or fording the milestones of longterm partnership it can be difficult to find comfort in talking through these topics without feeling shame or judgement. With Syl and Earthly Delights we guarantee your lifestyle and the situations you're facing will be respected so you can get the help you deserve. 

Booking pricing:

  • 1-Hour session / $95
  • 3 sessions / $160
  • 5 sessions / $250

Sliding scale offered when needed. Please feel free to reach out with any questions info@heysyl.com or IG @hey_syl

What to expect in longer sessions:

First, I'll ask a little about you and why you've chosen to book a session. 

From there we will discuss what I can provide and what you expect or require from our sessions. If at any time I feel my expertise is inadequate I may recommend seeking out a licensed therapist. If that's the case I can help find one in your area with the appropriate experience.

Second, it's all you! You talk and go into as much detail as you're comfortable. Sometimes it's most helpful just to have a sounding board and when we hear ourselves list out all the things it can provide clarity. If you don't find clarity though, I can ask questions and recommend things to try. I do not have all the answers. I may have some ideas, observations, and exercises to try. But only you can know what is best for you. I'll just be there with you while you figure it out. 

Third, after our session I will email a short overview with what we talked about, any recommendations and exercises to try. Since these topics can be deeply sensitive I find it can be overwhelming to divulge and then remember everything that was said.  I hope the overview can be a reference for you to revisit when needed.

If you want to book a longer session go ahead and book here for the free 20 minute consult and we can go over a schedule and payment option that works for you!