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Hey Syl

Easy Beat Egg Half Dozen - Tenga

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Phenomenal feelings are provided by the Tenga Eggs. These little beauties are stretchy and suitable for any size. Simply unpack, apply lubricant from the enclosed bag. A perfect travel toy, just put it in your pocket and you're always ready. Great for on the couch handies. #makehandjobsgreatagain

Packaged in an adorable little egg carton each one has a different pattern of ridges inside for an array of sensations. Tenga Eggs are brilliant because they provide an unbelievable ready to go right now experience. Add a new sensation to ye olde faithful handy jay! Just crack open the subtle eggs, pour in the included lube, and get to work on doing what you do best. 

Intended use : one time, disposable - though it has been reported they can last up to 10 times! Just flip it inside out, wash with soap and water, let air dry to avoid mold and go for it again and again!

Materials :

  • TPE with anti-microbials
  • FDA approved
  • phthalate-free