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Hey Syl

Pleasure Anatomy Chapter 1 - PDF

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Pleasure Anatomy Chapter 1:

An educational look at how our bodies are wired for pleasure! Illustrations and information by yours truly @hey_syl

For many of us our s£x edu completely omitted the part about pleasure and how our bodies work.

I put together this look book to provide straight forward facts about the human body and how it responds to pleasure based on my education and many of the common questions I get asked. I also made it pretty! Because so many diagrams are kinda gross and impersonal. S£x is a beautiful thing and I hope we will one day accept it as an integral and joyful part of being human. Yes it feels good! And there’s science to back it up!

Once you understand the intricacies of each pleasure anatomy shopping for toys or just exploring different sensations with yourself or your partner will be easy and fun!

This first chapter covers the vulvå, cl¡tor¡s, vågina, g-zone, and p£nis. Chapter 2 will cover bu††stuff and the proståte!

Great for your own reference or as a gift! After all, this is educational material so as long as you don't reproduce it, distribute it, or try to pass it off as your own feel free to share with your friends and family!